Practical knowledge application

Value proposition

We develop consulting and content projects in logistics, for large companies and entities that seek unique, innovative and adherent solutions, through collaborative, multi-disciplinary and non-trivial approaches.

This is our DNA

Our mission is to capture opportunities and develop solutions in logistics, generating a positive impact for society through business initiatives.

We propose to do so based on exemption, knowledge, network activation, ethics, innovation, collaboration and systemic vision.

We seek to be the preferred partner in the development of the best solutions in logistics operations.

A unique blend

Robust and diverse knowledge in logistics

Knowledge was built by working in different types of companies (FMCGs, beverages, frozen foods, services, consulting) and by managing different logistics’ processes (planning, distribution, storage, import/export, transport, order cycle, systems).

Relevant experience in operations and management

The team accumulates experience in managing operations, projects and people as executives in multinationals, as consultants in large firms and as professors in top educational institutions.


Partners and consultants with +20 years of experience in different executive positions and with different scopes of work, including operations / projects outside Brazil, in addition to acting in large consultancies and in first-rate educational institutions.

Wide network

Always seeking to connect different stakeholders, to think critically from different points of view and to add complementary experiences, we have a wide and active network of contacts with executives, entrepreneurs, specialists, multilateral entities, start-ups, universities.

The team

Foto de Paulo Oliveira

Paulo Oliveira

Engineer (USP), Business (FGV) and Logistics (ILOS) specialist. +15 years of experience in supply chain management in national (Grupo Abril, Sadia, Liquigas) and multinational (Souza Cruz, Unilever, Danone) companies. Former World Bank urban logistics consultant. MBA professor at FGV.

Foto de Luiz Fernando Rocha

Luiz Fernando Rocha

Graduated in Chemistry and Administration, with MBA in Supply Chain Management and Logistics (Coppead-UFRJ). +35 years of Supply Chain experience, including executive positions in Procurement, Projects, Operations Development and Transportation. Solid career at BAT (British American Tobacco), both in Brazil and im Americas region.

Foto de Marcos Alberici de Melo

Marcos Alberici de Melo

Engineer (USP) and Business specialist (FGV). +20 years of experience in supply chain and +10 years in people and teams’ development. Executive and consultant in national (Integration consulting) and multinationals (Ryder Logistics, Dupont, Unilever and Coca-Cola Femsa) companies.

Foto de Patricia Laranjeiro

Patricia Laranjeiro

Engineer (USP), specialist in Logistics Operations Management, with a master degree in Logistics Engineering (USP). +9 years of consulting experience in transportation planning, supply network review, costs analysis, processes mapping. Participation in research projects with The World Bank, MIT and others.

Foto de Eduardo Magalhães

Eduardo Magalhães

Engineer (PUC-RJ), System Analysis specialist, post-graduated in Information Technology and Logistics. +35 years of experience in I.T., processes review and supply chain management at BAT (British American Tobacco), in Brazil, Canada and South Africa. MBA professor at FGV and IBMEC (RJ) and guest professor at ILOS. Coordinator and co-author of the book “Supply Chain Management” (FGV publisher).

Foto de Edinelson Alves

Edinelson Alves

Graduated in Logistics Management and specialized in Advanced Logistics (ILOS) and Data Sciences (Data Science Academy), certified in Big Data Project Management, Big Data Analytics Real-TIme with Python and Spark and Big Data Analytics with R and Microsoft Azure. +15 years of experience in logistics operations, including working within a public agency (CET SP).

Foto de Fabiano Bueno

Fabiano Bueno

Engineer (USP), Master in Administration (FEA USP), specialized in Finance (FIPECAFI), APICS certified (CPIM). +18 years of experience in supply chain management and finance for supply chain, having worked for companies such as Danone and Heineken.

SCAMBO universe

Examples of companies and entities to which we are connected.

Projects delivered Overview

Projects in different types of logistics operations: e-commerce, transport, planning, warehouse operations, multimodality, distribution network.

Work was developed with and to different actors: investor, logistic service provider, shipper, industry, consultancy firm.

+20 projects delivered

+15 customers

+100 content sessions at technical events

+200 speakers / panelists involved

Projects delivered Examples

Multi-stakeholder group on urban logistics
How to set up a multi-client and multi-service urban operation, both operationally and financially viable?
Aug a Dec
Southeast region transportation and logistics business group
Is it worth to buy a company with a solution for urban logistics, complementing our distribution network? If so, under what conditions?
Oct a Nov
National cosmetics company
What is the best internal logistics operation design to support sales growth and change in the products and customers portfolio, given physical restrictions of a new selected warehouse building?
Jan a Feb
Multinational agribusiness company
What is the best supply model for the Midwest region, considering cost, taxes and service level?
Jan a Mar
Private logistics and technology investment group
What are the recommendations regarding logistics operations to ensure investment security in a medium-sized 3PL?
Apr a Jul
Business strategy consulting firm
How to take the logistics operation of a large consumer goods company to a higher level of quality, service level and cost?
Mar a Nov
National communication group
General curatorship (themes, dynamics, formats, guests) for thematic space at large events (Autoshow Sao Paulo, FENATRAN)
Top player in national e-commerce
Value proposition construction and agenda structuring (content, themes, formats) for an internal event (+300 guests) to a large e-commerce player.
Mar a Jul

Clients Examples


Profitability and efficiency

  • Profitability and efficiency
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of challenges and opportunities.
  • Immediate capture of ‘quick wins’ linked to processes, systems, flows and people.
  • Short, medium and long terms implementation plans, both prioritized and aligned with the client.
  • Implementation team engaged and trained to deliver the plan.
  • Monitoring of the plan’s roll-out to ensure capture of the results identified within the defined schedule.


  • Report including structured recommendation, based on multi-variable analysis of alternative solutions.
  • Database with all references that were used, including captured data and developed analyzes.
  • Executive summary to be used for communication, involvement, alignment and engagement of the company regarding the recommendation.

Content events

  • Attractive themes and content selection, connected to the client’s purpose / needs.
  • Structured, complete and detailed agenda, including formats and topics.
  • Session organization – format, duration and dynamics – to ensure the appropriate level of interaction for each type/size of the event.
  • Prepared and customized group of speakers / panelists for the event: selection, invitation, briefing, preparation and monitoring.

Technical capacitation

  • Training needs’ mapping given the client’s business challenges.
  • Theoretical and practical content development, aligned and validated by the client.
  • Training and workshop conduction in a dynamic, didactic and interactive way.
  • Evaluation of the knowledge acquired by the team at each stage to ensure practical application in the company´s routine.

If your company is facing non-trivial challenges in logistics operations and seeks unique, innovative and adherent solutions to your need, we are your partner to develop and implement changes in a collaborative and multi-disciplinary way.

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